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As an American First Credit Union Member you have free access to the certified BALANCE Financial Fitness Counselors. To learn more, follow the link to the left. We offer….


FREE Financial Counseling

Certified BALANCE counselors are available to answer questions, explain your credit report, suggest ways to improve your score, and help you set up a budget. If needed, a bill consolidation, credit negotiation or bankruptcy prevention program may be arranged at no cost. All sessions are completely confidential.

BALANCE can help if any of the following situations apply to you:

  • Didn't get approved for the lowest rate
  • Credit cards always maxed out
  • Just making minimum payments, not paying down your debt
  • Living paycheck to paycheck, no money to save
  • Experiencing a short term hardship, falling behind on mortgage or car payment
  • Receiving collection calls
  • Considering bankruptcy
  • Worried that divorce or other life change may affect credit worthiness
  • Want to save a down payment for home


The Credit Union pays all BALANCE fees, saving you the expensive start-up costs and monthly fees charged by other agencies. Free financial counseling is one more way American First helps you reach your goals.


Overdraft Protection Programs

American First Credit Union offers three ways to protect your Checking Account:



Transactions Covered




All checking transactions


Can opt-out



Courtesy Check Clear*

Checks, recurring

Debit Card and ACH


Can opt-out



Courtesy Card Clear*

ATM and one-time

Debit Card

Opt-In required


* Certain qualifying factors apply.



Overdraft allows the Credit Union to draw money from another account you have with us. If you don't have enough cash in your Checking Account to cover a transaction we'll pull the money from your Line of Credit, Regular Savings, Money Market or Goal Setter Account. A fee of $2.50 applies for each overdraft.


Courtesy Check Clear

Even if you don't have funds available in another account, we will courtesy pay an item if you have Direct Deposit and are a Member in good standing. A $29 per item fee applies. No enrollment required.

To opt out of Courtesy Check Clear, call 800.290.1112.


Courtesy Card Clear

Recently enacted Federal regulations now require Members to opt-in to receive overdraft protection services for one-time, everyday ATM and Debit Card transactions.


Why Should You Opt-in?

  • Avoid the embarrassment of having your transaction declined when you are shopping in a store or out at a restaurant.
  • Provides peace of mind for the moments when you are in an emergency situation and need to use your ATM/Debit Card.
  • There is no fee to opt-in to Courtesy Card Clear. You will only be charged a $29 fee if you use the service.

Ready to Opt-In? It’s Easy!

  • CALL – Call us at 800.290.1112 and speak with a representative.
  • Call 800.290.1112, press 4 and opt-in through our automated phone system.
  • CLICK – Fill out an opt-in form online.
  • COME IN – Fill out the form below and bring it into any branch.

Courtesy Card Clear Information

Courtesy Card Clear Opt-In Form

Courtesy Card Clear FAQs