A big group of American First Credit Union associates in front of Relay for Life track

Our Communities - Our Commitment

That's What We Believe In

a group of American First Credit Union associates with clothing drive total. American First collected hundreds of clothing and shoes to help the ones in need.

The blocks, streets and people within our communities. One thing you might say is different about AFCU is how we interact with the communities in which we live. Where some financial institutions are deeply involved in their communities, we are our communities. It’s in our blood. In fact, American First was created, right from the very beginning, to support the people within its neighborhoods and towns -- and we’ve just kept going and finding more gratification ever since.

Where Can You Find Us?

That’s us in schools helping students understand the power of saving and importance of good financial habits. That’s us in the soup kitchens, cooking, serving, cleaning and helping run food to those who need it most.

And that’s us at our best with Women Helping Women and Men 2 Work, where we collect clothes and help select outfits for interviewing giving these women, men, and teens their best opportunity to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

So many places you’ll find us, joyfully, enthusiastically volunteering -- contributing dollars and time -- so our communities prosper and grow.

We are our communities and we wouldn’t want to be anyplace else.

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