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About Credit Unions

True to our cooperative roots and philosophy of “people helping people,” our Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors are made up of talented people who volunteer their time and expertise for the good of American First’s membership. Under their stewardship, American First continues to be a safe place for our member's financial needs and deliver the highest level of service that has enabled our credit union to grow.
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Becoming a Volunteer 

Volunteering to serve on your credit union's Supervisory Committee or Board of Directors can be an extremely rewarding experience. You will represent your fellow credit union members as well as share your valuable knowledge to benefit our membership. Any member in good standing age 18 years of age or older may submit an application for a vacancy. The American First Credit Union nominating committee reviews all nominees for a vacancy and selects the individual(s) who possess the skills and experience necessary for the open position.
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Meetings & Term Duration

Each group of volunteers, Supervisory Committee, and Board of Directors, meet separately once per month. There are times, however, when special meetings are necessary and can be called during the day or evening. The meetings are extremely important and must be given a high priority to attend and participate in discussions regarding information you need to make decisions on behalf of our membership.

Both Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors positions are elected to a three (3) year term and may run for re-election.
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Financial education is a cornerstone at American First. Every year the credit union provides each Director with several opportunities to attend local educational forums. These opportunities however may require some overnight travel as participants learn about new trends and developments that are occurring throughout the credit union movement.
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There is no compensation for a volunteer position, however; when conducting any credit union business such as attending a meeting, there is authorized reimbursement for mileage, and any travel related expenses to those participants in attendance following our travel and reimbursement policies.

What Makes a Good Credit Union Volunteer

Volunteers must maintain a balanced focus on serving member needs while preserving the financial strength of the credit union. Below are some important factors to consider prior to becoming a credit union volunteer:

  • Have the ability and flexibility to attend afternoon meetings
  • Prepare for and attend regular and special meetings as scheduled
  • Be committed to attending educational programs and an annual planning session offered by the credit union
  • Seek to learn more about the credit union movement and financial services
  • Act as an ambassador and share the needs of our membership and environmental changes that may help or affect the credit union
  • Demonstrate leadership or transferrable business experience
  • Have a satisfactory credit and reference check


Submitting an Application

If you are interested in serving, you may submit your request or petition to the credit union.

Mailing address: 6 Pointe Drive Ste 400 Brea, CA 92821


Contact: 562.237.5087

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