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Everyone has an 'oops' moment.

Overdraft Privilege Service covers you when you need it most.

Get over those unexpected 'bumps in the road'

If you want us to authorize and pay overdrafts on ATM and one-time everyday debit card transactions, just let us know.

Have you ever...

  • Had the embarrassment and expense of a check or automatic payment returned for lack of funds?
  • Had a check or card transaction denied at checkout?
  • Forgotten to make a deposit? Record a purchase or withdrawal? Or had a direct deposit post too late?
  • Had an unexpected expense?

At American First Credit Union, we understand that unforeseen deposits and delays or calculation errors occur. When you opt-in to use Overdraft Privilege Service for your checking account, we may cover items when you don't have enough money in your account or the funds are not yet available to cover one-time every day debit card transactions. 

It costs you nothing if you do not use this service. 'Use' means you initiate transactions that would cause your balance to go below zero.

The Choice is Yours! Opt-in Today.

Overdraft Privilege can help you get over those unexpected "bumps in the road" but you must let us know you want to opt-in. Action is required to protect your account.

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