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Visa® Debit Card

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These days, you simply can’t get along without a debit card – and you wouldn’t want to. So our Visa® Debit card comes with both Personal Rewards Checking and Earnings Rewards Checking.

Use your card at ATMs and wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted. Shop with confidence-your purchases are covered against fraud by Visa®'s Zero Liability policy and American First's Complete Security Protection program. For added protection when shopping online, sign up for Verified by Visa® today - it's free!

Surcharge-Free ATMs

There are over 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATM Network ATMs throughout the U.S. and Canada – more than 1,500 here in Southern California. Find the nearest CO-OP ATM at or call 888.SITE.COOP.

Complete Security Protection

Complete Security Protection for your Visa® Debit card...absolutely free! Enjoy greater protection against theft, loss, or unauthorized use of your American First Visa® cards. All AFCU Visa® Debit cards are covered by our Complete Visa® Security Protection.

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Visa® Security Protection

Zero Liability*

Visa®'s Zero liability policy ensures that you only pay for what you've purchased. It provides protection for every Visa® Card transaction, online and off, and gives you the ultimate in shopping security.

Verified by Visa®

Protects your existing Visa® Card with a password you create, giving you assurance that only you can use your Visa® Card online.

Fraud Watch

Your card usage is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week. If we detect unusual activity on your card, we may temporarily block activity until we can verify that you authorized the charges.

Lost/Stolen Card Reporting

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that if your Visa® card is ever lost or stolen, assistance is only a phone call away at 800.290.1112.

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*U.S.- issued cards only. Visa's Zero Liability policy does not apply to commercial cards ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa. 


Never share your PIN and/or card number with anyone, as you may be responsible for any transactions made by others with or without your permission. You can change your PIN at any branch of American First, or by calling 877.746.6746. If you suspect someone has your PIN and/or card number, call immediately to have your card blocked.

Covers U.S.-issued cards only. Does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa®, or certain commercial card transactions. Individual provisional credit amounts are provided on a provisional basis and may be withheld, delayed, limited, or rescinded by your issuer based on factors such as gross negligence or fraud, delay in reporting unauthorized use, investigation and verification of claim and account standing and history. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use. Transaction at issue must be posted to your account before provisional credit may be issued.