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Big Prize Savings Winners

Current Big Prize Savings Winners

Big Prize Savings gives savers an incentive to save more while earning chances to win cash awards. Save smart and win big!

$10,000 Quarterly Cash Prize Winners


2020 big prize winner

John H. (Quarter 3 Winner - Fullerton, CA)  

What are your thoughts on Big Prize Savings?

 "A teller at the branch told me about Big Prize Savings. At first I was skeptical, but she explained all of the features and it made sense to me that you are promoting savings. You made my day, week, and more!"


2020 big prize winner

Lynette P. (Quarter 2 Winner - Orange, CA)  

How has American First helped you in the past?

 "It’s always a pleasure coming in to do my banking and the staff is always so friendly and kind. The products that you have at the simplest level of savings is very convenient. Every time I needed advice or needed to move anything, it’s always been just the easiest, hassle-free experience."

2020 big prize winner

Teresa B. (Quarter 1 Winner - West Hills, CA)  

What does this money mean to you?

“You have helped me out throughout the years, but these funds now will be a big financial help.”

$1,000 Monthly Cash Prize Winners


image of vector female winner

December 2020 Winner



headshot of Janet

       Janet C. (November 2020 Fullerton, CA) 

What will you do with your cash prize?

"I have a big family, so they will get even better Christmas presents"


headshot of Mazie Y

Mazie Y. (October 2020 - Whittier, CA)

Why do you save with American First ?

“I am a big winner by saving with American First, and you should start saving with them too”



image of vector female winner

  Elmer C. (September 2020 - Brea, CA)

What are your thoughts on winning?

“That's great! I've been saving with you for years.”

headshot of thomas r

Wayne G. (August 2020 - Buena Park, CA)

What are your thoughts on winning?

“Wow! I can’t believe I actually won. Initially, I referred my granddaughter to open her account, and then I came back to open mine. I’m so glad I did!”


headshot of thomas r

Randy V. (July 2020 - La Habra, CA)

Why is savings important to you?

“Saving and investing are important for my future, so I can fulfill my hobbies if I choose to.”



image of vector female winner

Sandra & Kenneth R. (June 2020 - La Mirada, CA)



headshot of gabriel

Gabriel L. (May 2020 - Los Angeles, CA)

What are your thoughts on winning?

“You always hear about people winning money, but I never thought it would happen to me.”


headshot of jimmy b

Jimmy B. (April 2020 - Cypress, CA)

Share your experience with American First Credit Union.

“At a credit union, you'll get personalized service and everyone knows your name. You walk into a bank and they don’t know who you are.”


image of vector female winner

Mary S. (March 2020 - Orange, CA)

Share your experience with Big Prize Savings.

“I would tell my family and friends that they should start saving money for an emergency and open a Big Prize Savings account with American First, you could be the next winner.”

headshot of thomas r

Thomas R. (February 2020 - Orange, CA)

Why is savings important to you?

“You should always invest in yourself!”

headshot of dixie m

Dixie M. (January 2020 - Santa Ana, CA)

What will you do with your cash prize?

"I'm going to use this extra money to travel to visit my son in Texas."

2019 Big Prize Savings Winners

$50,000 Grand Prize Winner

Nick H. - Brea, CA

$10,000 Quarterly Winners

Jovita Q. - La Palma, CA

Steven F. - La Habra Heights, CA

Natalie R. - Rowland Heights, CA

Cynthia S. - La Habra, CA

$1,000 Monthly Winners

Ladelle W. - Cypress, CA

Darko C. - Los Angeles, CA

Steven B. - Whittier, CA

Patricia G. - Lake Forest, CA

Robin P. - Garden Grove, CA

Claudia S. - Anaheim, CA

Beth M. - Fullerton, CA

Donald K. - Orange, CA

Acquanitta G. - Los Angeles, CA

Peter B. - Dana Point, CA

Edward P. - Hacienda Heights, CA

Arturo M. - Rowland Heights, CA

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