Direct Deposit

Giving You Immediate Access to Your Funds Each Payday

No question about it, Direct Deposit makes your life easier and saves you time and stress. And when you have your paycheck or benefit check directly deposited into your American First account, you’ll get immediate access to your funds each payday.

Direct Deposit is safe and secure, and it’s easy to sign up. In most cases, just take our Direct Deposit Request form to your payroll/benefits department. Or you can always call us at 800.290.1112 or visit any American First branch and we’ll be happy to help you.

Direct Deposit Request

Social Security and Federal Benefits

Routing Number

IMPORTANT: Use the correct account number and routing number for your tax refund or any direct deposit to ensure your money is deposited; electronic deposits or payments with an incorrect account or routing number will be returned to sender.

ROUTING NUMBER 322 275 607
You’ll need this 9-digit routing number for direct deposit, tax refunds, retirement benefits, and any electronic deposit including transfers to your account from another financial institution, or to make payments online or over the phone.

ACCOUNT NUMBER for Automatic Deposits – 12-digits required
You’ll need your 12-digit account number to ensure your money is deposited to your account or for timely payments made online or by phone. The best place to find your 12-digit account number is on the bottom of your checks.

Sample Check of American First Credit Union

DO NOT use the account number information on your statement or member identification card. These numbers DO NOT meet specific criteria as established by the electronic payment system. When asked for your financial institution’s routing number and your account number, the best place to get this information is to look on the bottom line of your checks.

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