Apple Pay digital wallet

Apple Pay®

An easier way to pay without reaching for your wallet.

Apple Pay with your American First debit or credit card in one step!

American First Apple Watch Apple Pay Now available! 

American First with Apple Pay enables you to make purchases using the Apple® device you use every day.
You can make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web. See the millions of places that accept Apple Pay.


Effortless ways to pay

Simply add your American First Mastercard® debit card, credit card, or both to Apple Pay. Then, pay for purchases by holding your iPhone near a contactless reader with your finger on TouchID™ or side button for iPhone. No need to open your wallet or an app! You can also use Apple Watch™ and other newer Apple devices to pay with a single touch within apps. Apple Pay makes using your American First card quick and easy! Visit to see how Apple Pay will change the way you pay.


A secure way to pay

Apple Pay on Apple devices combines the latest security technology from Apple and Mastercard. Every transaction is authorized with your device access. Visit to see how Apple Pay makes payments quick and secure.


Setup is a snap

Adding your American First card is easy and can be done in less than a minute for a lifetime of convenience. Learn more about all the ways you can use Apple Pay here.



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