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2021 Annual Meeting Notice of Elections

The following vacancies at the 2021 Annual Meeting are open to all members. The positions available for three-year terms are: two (2) positions for the Board of Directors that are eligible for re-election and two (2) positions for the Supervisory Committee that are eligible for re-election. There is one (1) vacant position for the Supervisory Committee with two years remaining on the existing term. The incumbents have expressed an interest in continuing to serve. You may seek a nomination by submitting a resume, a brief statement of qualifications, and a petition signed by 100 members to the mailing address by March 9, 2021. There will be no election if there is only one nominee for each position to be filled. Per Credit Union Bylaws, nominations may not be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting. The date of the Annual Meeting will be provided to members on their March 2021 account statement and on this web page.

Become a Credit Union Volunteer

Volunteers must maintain a balanced focus serving member needs while preserving the financial strength of the Credit Union. American First Credit Union volunteers:

  • Have the ability and flexibility to attend regularly scheduled and special meetings
  • Are committed to attending educational programs 
  • Seek to learn more about the Credit Union movement and financial services
  • Act as an ambassador and share the needs of our membership during environmental changes that may affect the Credit Union
  • Demonstrate leadership or transferrable business experience
  • Have a satisfactory credit and reference check

Learn more about what being an American First volunteer entails.

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About Credit Unions

True to our cooperative roots and philosophy of “people helping people,” our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are made up of talented people who volunteer their time and expertise for the good of American First’s membership. Under their stewardship, American First continues to be a safe place for our member's financial needs and delivers the highest level of service that enables our Credit Union to grow.


Becoming a Volunteer

Any member in good standing, 18 years of age or older, may submit their resume to apply for vacant positions as they become available. The American First Credit Union nominating committee reviews all nominees for vacancies and selects individuals who possess the skills and experience necessary for any open position.

If you are interested in serving, you may submit your resume to American First Credit Union.

Mailing address: PO Box 2477, Brea, CA 92822-2477
Office: 800-290-1112 ext. 5087


CU Boardroom Login

Board of Directors

  • Tom Cook

    Tom Cook


    Board of Directors

  • Patti Malott

    Patti Malott

    Vice Chairperson

    Board of Directors

  • Jason Philibert

    Jason Philibert


    Board of Directors

  • Amanda Secola

    Amanda Secola


    Board of Directors

  • Donna

    Donna "D" Renee Brooks

    Board Member

    Board of Directors

  • Eric Ledesma

    Eric Ledesma

    Board Member

    Board of Directors

  • Roger Vander Wende

    Roger Vander Wende

    Board Member

    Board of Directors

Supervisory Committee

  • Robert Warkenton

    Robert Warkenton

    Supervisory Committee Chairperson

    Supervisory Committee

  • David Weed

    David Weed

    Vice Chairperson

    Supervisory Committee

  • Gizi Clemmer

    Gizi Clemmer


    Supervisory Committee

  • Cari Medina

    Cari Medina

    Committee Member

    Supervisory Committee

  • James Habben

    James Habben

    Committee Member (pro-tem)

    Supervisory Committee

If you would like to contact a member of our Board or Supervisory Committee, please email us at

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