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Special & Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

Special & Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

As joyful and exciting as the holiday season is, getting memorable gifts for your loved ones can bring about some financial stress. It’s always good to remind yourself that cost doesn’t always determine the quality of the gift you give. Rather than spending a fortune on big gifts that your loved ones might not even use, try one of these special gifts which are meaningful and affordable at the same time. 

Memory Book 

Whether you decide to make a homemade scrap book or simply buy a photo album at the store, you can’t go wrong with a trip down memory lane. The holidays are the perfect time to reminisce on the past, and creating a book of old pictures, letters, collectables, and other meaningful things will definitely warm the heart of any loved one. 

Personalized CD or Playlist 

One great way to tell someone how much they mean to you is by expressing it through music. Put music that reminds you of them or memorable songs you’ve listened to together on a CD or a playlist. For an additional heart-felt touch, write a letter to go with the CD explaining the meaning behind each song you chose. 

Flowers and Plants 

Giving your loved ones flowers is a clear way to make them feel special and cherished. Purchase a few succulents, flowers or other plants along with a cute pot and some soil. Pot the plants and you have yourself a special present that doesn’t break the bank! 

Care Package 

A fun gift idea for both the gift giver and the receiver is a care package filled with some of their favorite things. You can include snacks, drinks, movies, books and other favorites. Not only will it leave a smile on their face, but the package will be meaningful and remembered.

Homemade Coupon Book 

This isn’t an average coupon book – this one contains acts of services you’ll do for your loved ones when they decide to use their coupons.  Add a romantic twist by adding coupons for breakfast in bed, a surprise date night, a back massage, etc. 

Nothing compares to gifts that are hand-made, meaningful and full of love. This holiday season, focus on giving memorable gifts that will leave your loved ones feeling special and keep your bank accounts in a good place. Happy holidays and happy gift-giving! 

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